Thursday, 11 February 2010

Over Thinking It...

After the Play critique on Monday, I left feeling a little down. Although the lecturers said the prototype was really good & the interaction was compelling, the part that let me down was the rationale - I've been too busy concentrating on creating the technology & making it work that I've forgotten what I've made it for. I've tried to justify it by attempting to plow as much "meaning" into the project as possible (which I know consider to be a big pile of wank!) & totally lost track of what made me choose the idea in the first place.

I want to make a product that appeals to people's sense of curiosity, imagination, mystery & discovery, not for some half-arsed idea of spying for creeps! That was the whole point of the door with the pile of peepholes - to discover places they never thought existed, or couldn't afford to go & wonder where they are & stir their emotions. Essentially a window to the World.

During the crit, my lecturers told me that I should look into using the viewer as a type of public telescope - allowing anyone to use it to see other parts of the World. To add to this, Nat added that I could make the viewer location specific e.g. If the viewer was pointing towards the Tay Bridge, then all of the web feeds available would be of other Bridges across the Earth. This makes the content more appropriate as the user would be in the right mood & environment for watching other bridges.
This could be applied to any subject - skyscrapers, beaches, monuments, mountain tops, streets, countrysides - anywhere that evokes an emotion.

Just need to develop it now...

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