Tuesday, 23 February 2010


After speaking with my lecturers yesterday, they told me that the current content - viewing nature & untouched place - was not right for the object. As the form of the viewer is almost perfect, I am not going to change it for the content. I will change the content.

I'm taking quite a backwards approach to the process - fitting a story to the project rather than creating a product around the story, but by the time the viewer is made the story will be perfecto!

They suggested that I look into Digital Britain - the government scheme to get everybody online - but with a twist: in the future, since the majority of the net is free, the Digital Britain's economy has flat-lined & the government has taken the decision to shut down public access to the internet & to privatise the rest of it. This means that only the wealthy can access the web & creating a split in the public - the internet rich & the internet poor.

This is where my viewer comes in. To let the general public still have some little access to web content, my viewer would be public & used like a payphone. People would pay to see certain content similar to a public phone - sex lines, horoscopes, etc.

I still have to figure this out....

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