Monday, 15 February 2010

Future Props

After another lengthy discussion with two of my lecturers, I've discovered what I really want to do - creating props for possible futures & stories. I don't just want to make a product, I want to make a story around it. The product doesn't have to be commercially viable, but I want it to use it as a vehicle for the story, along with other, smaller props - to make it more believable.

The idea of the device so far is to use it as an escape from the dystopian world in the future, where everybody lives in ugly, utilitarian cities & don't have the ability to get away from it. The device would be situated in public places, such as cafes, pubs, teashops, etc. (the places could possibly need a licence to have the device)& would be coin operated.

The content would be of paradise - the perfect place, where the person will probably never get to see in real life, or will work their whole life for it. The person will get around 5-10mins for a pound.

The device blends the boundaries between public & private space, allowing the user to access very personal feelings & emotions in a public environment.

I will continue to build up a more detailed picture of the world, but this is only day one...

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