Monday, 11 January 2010

Defining & Refining

After a struggle trying to justify my project , why it should exist & what it actually is I have finally come to decision...

My project is a observation unit that is used to "study" a subject in a great amount of detail, but secretly - like an obsession.
The system will include a viewing unit with image manipulation - zooming, moving the picture up/down, left/right - like a microscope & surround sound, as if you were in the room


a probe unit used to gather the visual & audio data - a webcam & two microphones (left & right).

I want the products to have a microscope aesthetic, as if you were scientifically gathering information on the subject & have similar interactions.

This does mean I will have to abandon Processing now to focus on a different program - Pure Data (pd) - to make it easier to manipulate pictures with external inputs, such as potentiometers & switches connected to an Arduino board.

So a whole new set of challenges have arisen!

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