Wednesday, 27 January 2010

On Top Form

On Monday, the class did a little exercise to help us understand our personal styles & product semantics a bit better. We each put on a wall a selection of objects that have influenced us during the project. I put up images of work from Troika, Dunne & Raby, Alice Wang, Stasi devices, Braun & Deiter Rams.
After a little deliberation, the class decided that the main identifiers of the products in question were:
Boxy, modular, simple, basic, bland..., clinical, highlight colours, sheet metal, cold, laboratory, pseudo-scientific, 1950's, modernism, form follows function, honest.

& the main characteristics were:
Masculine, modern, serious, expensive, technology, science, rational.

We then had to try to mix two of the words together to sum up my personal stlye.

So far I've got 50's Pseudo Tech - still working on it...

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