Friday, 22 January 2010

The Lives of Others/Stasi Objects

I was recommended to watch the film "The Lives of Others" for the style the observation unit that I will be making, & found it very inspirational - both in the objects & the story. I want the user of the product to build a deep relationship with the content via the interaction of the object - starting with an ordinary, even obligatory usage to developing an emotional bond with the machine, letting them live out someone else's life through it.

After watching the film, I want the object to look very functional & serious - harsh lines & no curves, with an array of different, but identical looking buttons & dials, so the user has to learn how to manipulate the machine (creating the first step to developing a bond).

Here are some pictures of German Stasi (Secret Police) surveillance objects from the 1980's - just through the way they look, they feel cold, calculated...

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