Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The whole point of the Mass Observation is to respond to "directives" - a series of questions or topics for the observers to record. I have created a small code that scrolls this information across the screen to constantly remind the observer of what their objective is:

PFont font;
float x;
float size = 430.0;
// The font must be located in the sketch's
// "data" directory to load successfully
void setup(){
size(600, 100, P3D);

font = loadFont("SubwayTicker-32.vlw");
textFont(font, 23);

void draw(){
x = x +3;
if (x > width + size){
x = -size;

translate(x, 0, 12);
text("Directive 1: Mid-life transitions", 0, 44);


The only problem with the Mass Observation is that the topics are very broad & not a lot of deliberate observation is needed, mostly past experiences. I want the user to interact with the object as if it is necessary for the completion of the "mission". Maybe the content of the directives need to be customised...

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