Monday, 29 March 2010

Polishing The Metal

To make the privacy cover match the other features on the body, I am polishing up the metal to a nice shiney finish. To do this, I need the following:

Emery cloth - coarse, medium & fine grit
Sanding sponges - medium, fine & very fine
Cellulose based thinnersFor some weird reason, the metal arrived with a dark surface coating, which is very tough to remove, so the first step is to use the coarsest emery cloth - 50 grit. I had to sand the whole thing by hand, which I haven't finished (so far it has taken two & a half hours, I'm going to have guns in the morning!).

Warning! You get incredibly dirty - as you can see I am covered in metal particles (which I am still trying to get rid of!).

After the surface coat has been removed, smoothing down the metal will be easier. After sanding the cover each time - gradually using a finer grain of sandpaper after each pass - it should end up lovely! & then I will remove any grease with the thinner.

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