Saturday, 13 March 2010

Content Again

I've decided to drop the "Adult" channels from my project as I just don't feel comfortable with using them & I don't think it will add anything to the experience of using the object.

After searching the web for feeds, I have used what I found to make the categories, which are above. Also, after showing one of the third years my prototype, he said he really liked the fact that the views were of really mundane, ordinary places, which makes me think that in my world of paying for content, would you pay for this? Why have these people set up these webcams if they are not making any money? Should we have this omniscience into everyday lives?

With Youtube & user created content common place, is being able to see someone sleep, get their hair cut, & watch TV classed as entertainment? Would you pay for this if it was the only content available to you online?

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