Monday, 7 December 2009

Making Noise

After talking to Jon about my progress, he thought that I should explore the receiving end of the system - the people who are being looked at & ways they could become aware of someone watching them. So to do this, I am playing around with sounds - when an individual peephole is activated, the corresponding webcam makes a sound.

Currently the sounds are limited to being played off my computer (each alert is controlled from a different mouse button) & the sounds are from Metal Gear Solid, but hopefully I'll be able to play them in separate speakers.

"Hears" the code:

import ddf.minim.*;

AudioPlayer leave;
AudioPlayer codeccall;
AudioPlayer alert;
Minim minim;

void setup()
size(200, 200);

minim = new Minim(this);

// load a file, give the AudioPlayer buffers that are 1024 samples long
// player = minim.loadFile("found.wav");

// load a file, give the AudioPlayer buffers that are 2048 samples long
alert = minim.loadFile("found.wav", 2048);
codeccall = minim.loadFile("codeccall.wav", 2048);
leave = minim.loadFile("leave.wav", 2048);
// play the file


void draw()

if((mousePressed)&& (mouseButton == RIGHT)){;
delay (1000);

if((mousePressed)&& (mouseButton == LEFT)){;
delay (1000);

if((mousePressed)&& (mouseButton == CENTER)){;
delay (1000);

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